Installation, replacement and service of Velux skylights

As an approved VELUX installation and service contractor we've installed and serviced plenty of skylights. They can be adapted to just about any room that has a roof over it, and add a completely new dimension to the shape of a room or area. They also add natural daylight and ventilation, transforming an average room into an inviting space.

In addition to the standard skylights, we also offer Velux's exciting new "Sun Tunnel", a circular, fixed tunnel of mirror-finish stainless-steel rings with a window on the roof and a diffuser on your ceiling that brings natural light to areas you thought were impossible to open up.

VELUX is a quality company with a quality product line, and we are proud to both be approved by them and to offer and work with their products. Take a look at some ideas you might use for planning the addition of skylights to your home...




For more about VELUX products, visit www.VELUXusa.com